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Make Your Mark on Local History!

Your support today can open the door for more families, students, and history lovers to explore the history of their community, grounding them in our unique heritage. When you give, you carry the stories of your community into the future, for explorers today… and tomorrow.

In 2022, the Tri-Cities Historical Museum: 

  • launched Collective Access, offering online access anytime, anywhere, to our collection of over 70,000 artifacts, for anyone in our community, region, and beyond

  • brought artifacts and hands-on investigative lessons to 100% of the second-grade public school classrooms in the Tri-Cities

  • ensured the preservation for future generations of more than 800 new local artifacts to grow our collection of objects, photographs and documents that carry our story forward

  • stewarded the historic 151-year-old Akeley building in downtown Grand Haven, visited this year by more than 48,000 adults and children

Do you have a question about giving to the Museum? Please contact Elisa Hopper, Development Director at (616) 842-0700 x 120 or

Make a Tax-Deductible Contribution

The Tri-Cities Historical Museum operates under 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Our Tax EIN is #23-7070227. To donate, click the 'Donate' button above, or choose one of these options:

Become a Sustainer

Tri-Cities Collectors is a group of committed supporters giving a monthly recurring donation to strengthen our annual fund and moves our mission forward.

An easy way to ensure NARM and ROAM benefits is with a monthly recurring gift of at least $10.00. 

Click 'Join Tri-Cities Collectors', then click the box 'Show my support by making this a monthly donation'.

NARM and ROAM benefits at

$10 per month recurring giving!

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Join our Curator's Club

Our Curator's Club are donors deeply engaged in our mission, providing significant support that brings exhibits, displays, and education programming to life.


Click 'Join our Curator's Club' to give a gift of $600 or more...and join others who are making a mark on local history!

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Make a Memorial Gift

Pay tribute to someone who lived in the Tri-Cities, loved visiting, or was passionate about Tri-Cities Historical Museum by making a gift in their name.


Or, give a gift to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or other special event, dedicating your gift in honor of the occasion. We print all Memorial and Dedication gifts in the TCHM Annual Report, unless you choose to remain anonymous.


Choose 'Memorial Gift' or 'Gift in Honor', then add your dedication message in the Comment box. 

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History Keepers: Planned Gifts

The Tri-Cities Historical Museum accepts and appreciates planned gifts in a variety of forms, including as a beneficiary of a bequest through your will or estate plans, through an IRA or 401(k) retirement account, or through a life insurance policy.

To participate in the Museum’s legacy giving program and become a "History Keeper," first arrange for your planned gift or bequest to the Tri-Cities Historical Museum. Let the Museum know you've designated a gift:

Donate an Object
to the Museum’s collection

Another great way to support the Museum is to donate historical objects related to the Tri-Cities. Learn more about donating items to the Museum’s collection here

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