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Tri-Cities Treasures

March 18

Community Archive and Research Center

Purchase tickets to this VIP behind-the-scenes event where our guests explore 10 unique treasures of the TCHM Collection, hear the unusual stories behind them, and gain insight into the importance of our Community Archive and Research Center in keeping our community history for generations to follow. RSVP extended to Friday, March 10 by 3 pm.

Thanks to generous match donors, all gifts as part of the Tri-Cities Treasures event will be matched to $3,600. Add to our matching fund to help us reach $5,000

Can't attend? We ask that you still RSVP using the button below and choose the  'I cannot attend' option.


Tri-Cities Historical Museum is a recognized leader in small- to medium-sized museums, with a highly qualified and experienced staff. The Museum’s mission is to create connections to local history, evidenced by staff and leadership’s innovative educational programs, exhibits interpreted with a modern lens, and investment in a fully-searchable, public-access database, Collective Access, cataloging the entire collection.

Collective Access

In March 2022, the Museum launched Collective Access , offering online access anytime, anywhere, to our collection of over 70,000 artifacts, for anyone in our community, region...and wider. 

Give to conserve and curate our shared Tri-Cities History.

Tri-Cities Historical Museum has been here for over 60 years, keeping the stories of Ferrysburg, Grand Haven, and Spring Lake alive for the following generations to explore and enjoy. We are grateful to be able to count on you to keep creating the connections to our shared Tri-Cities history!

Donate an historic treasure to grow our Collection.

Consider donating your family or business treasures to our Collection, where they will be preserved and protected for generations to come. 

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