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Mornings at the Museum: Sensory Days

Join us in the morning at the museum for a sensory-friendly experience inside our temporary exhibits; specifically catered to members of our community with ASD, who are neurodivergent, and their families. We welcome visitors of all abilities and museum experience.

This program is free, but pre-registration is encouraged. To register: please call (616) 842-0700.

Mornings at the Museum are offered once a month

from 9:00 am - 10:00 am; an hour before opening to the public.

Tri-Cities Historical Museum in downtown Grand Haven, Michigan.

What to Expect

During our Mornings at the Museum, changes are made to our temporary exhibits; with the intention of helping make the museum more accessible and enjoyable for those with ASD and who are neurodivergent. These changes include:

  • Offering sensory-friendly toys to be used during your visit.

  • Offering a sensory-friendly map, museum story guides, and a visual checklist of the museum.

  • Adding additional signage to assist in navigation aid in understanding museum rules/expectations.

  • Having fewer visitors than normal.

Visitors are welcome to: 

  • Come and go as they please.

  • Bring comfort items - fidget devices, headphones, weighted vests, etc.

  • *Use the designated quiet space.

*Designated Quiet Space

Our designated quiet space is located on the third floor, off of Centennial Hall. Included in this space are:

  • Places to sit.

  • Sensory/fidget toys.

  • Coloring materials.

  • Other hands-on items.

This space is quiet, has dim lighting, and is in a semi-secluded location.

Before Your Visit

We want to make sure that your visit with us is a memorable experience. The following documents have been designed to help prepare visitors for their visit to the Museum.


TCHM Sensory Map

TCHM Sensory Map shows the suggested path through the museum and where sound items are located. 

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Museum Story Guides

Museum Story Guides are a visual, step-by-step guide to visiting TCHM and the temporary exhibits.

Visual Checklist (2).png

Visual Checklist

The Visual Checklist is a customizable to-do list for visitors to use for planning their visit. Will require scissors.

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