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Our summer blockbuster exhibit
hits it out of the park!

Here in the Tri-Cities, we love sports. In the summer, you can hardly take a step without seeing a match, race, regatta or double-header. Even in the depths of winter, residents of the Tri-Cities can be found enjoying a bit of skiing at Mulligan’s Hollow or shooting some hoops indoors at the gym. Like other Michigan communities, sports have formed an important part of the social fabric of the Tri-Cities for residents in the last century and a half.


This exhibition is a celebration of our area’s proud sports history from the late 1800s to the present. It showcases the scrappy beginnings of specialty clubs and teams, documents the astounding variety (dog sledding! sailing! equestrianism! curling!) of sports where youth and adults, women and men, amateurs and professionals, leave it all on the field in pursuit of athletic perfection. We highlight our hometown sports heroes who went on to make it in big leagues.

Play Ball! Sports History in the Tri-Cities is an exciting exploration of sports that are dear to American hearts as well as those unique to our Tri-Cities geography and history. 

On display May 20 - September 24, 2023


Sports Stars of the Tri-Cities

Our hometown sports heroes are the athletes and coaches who've left competitors in their wake, smashed area records, and set young athletes on the path to stardom. Visit the exhibit to explore the surprising number of stars of the Tri-Cities and their stories. How many do you know? Who should we add? 

Images and panel detailing the athletic accomplishments of BIPOC sports heroes from the Tri-Cities.

Breaking Barriers and Changing Attitudes

Participating in sports has historically been one of the most successful ways of breaking down barriers around race, gender, or religion. In the Tri-Cities, many athletes challenged the status quo. By asserting their rights to participate in school sports, they paved the way for others to be included and to participate fully in Tri-Cities life. 

Sports...and Games!

With sports, athletes, and teams playing such a central role in American society, it's easy to find fans who diligently watch their favorite teams, follow their favorite athlete's career, and quote their favorites' top statistics by rote, or who collect playing cards and other memorabilia. This sports-themed game is on display in our Community Curator Case on the first floor, fitting right in to our Play Ball! exhibit and is from the collection of one of TCHM's staff, Marv Bolthouse.  Can you name this draft simulation game?

To curate your own collection in our Community Curator Case, sign up below!

There's more to explore! 

See the Play Ball! exhibit until September 24Port to Paint until August 13 and the

Classroom Curators: Roaring 20s student-curated exhibit through October 15,

plus all of our permanent exhibits bringing Tri-Cities history to life!

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