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Outreach, Digital Programming, and Traveling Museum Kits

We have created several PowerPoint presentations for use by classrooms, senior homes, and other community groups. These programs can be scheduled and presented by Museum staff or docents. A computer loaded with Microsoft Office and a projector are required.

If you're interested in having a Museum docent or staff member present on one of these topics, please contact Ellen Paulin at or call (616) 842-0700 x 132.

Available Topics:

  • Lost Grand Haven

  • The Great Bank Robbery of 1933

  • *Lumbering in West Michigan

  • *Scandal & Shine - Prohibition in West Michigan

  • Legends on the Great Lakes

  • West Michigan Ship Disasters

  • Tri-Cities Shipwrecks

  • History of Bennett’s Hollow

  • Finding Hezekiah

  • Grand Haven’s Musical Fountain

  • Weddings in Tri-Cities History

  • West Michigan Hauntings & Legends

  • Lost Grand Haven

  • Spring Lake Resorts

  • 150+ Years of Akeley

  • *Holiday Toys from our Past

  • Prohibition, Murder, and the Ghost of Kate Koopman

* Includes hands-on items

New in 2023:

  • UFOs Over Grand Haven! A History of UFO Sightings in West Michigan

  • The McCluer's: Innovators from Spring Lake

Traveling Museum Kits

Traveling Museum Kits can be checked out by teachers and/or groups for use. Each kit comes fully equipped for classroom use; complete with hands-on artifacts, historical images, and a presentation for teachers to use. These kits can also be scheduled to be presented as outreach programs given by Museum staff or docents. Presentations are suitable for students, senior citizens, and other community groups. Free!


Traveling Museum Kits Include:

  • ​​Long Ago... In A School

  • Long Ago... In A Home

  • Long Ago... In A Store

  • Long Ago... Technology & Inventions

  • Old Fashioned Games - contains several games for kids to play that were popular over 100 years ago! 

  • Fur Trade -see objects available in a Fur Trade post and learn about the importance of the Fur Trade to our state

  • Lumbering - learn about the jobs and tools that were part of the Lumber Era in Michigan

  • Michigan Furs - handle the furs of Michigan animals ranging from a white ermine to a black bear!

  • Native American - interact with artifacts and pictures to learn the history and culture of the People of the Three Fires

  • Pioneering - learn about the life and work that occurred inside a pioneer cabin

  • Victorian Era- learn about the culture, inventions, customs and leaders of the time of history named for Queen Victoria

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