The Tri-Cities Historical Museum invites you to submit your artwork to the upcoming digital exhibit, “Gallery You: Artwork from the Tri-Cities.” Artwork will be displayed in three separate divisions: Youth (ages 11 and under), Teen (ages 12-17), and Adult (ages 18 and older). Feel free to submit artwork that is 2D or 3D and made using the medium/media of your choice. We encourage everyone to submit artwork with PG subjects/images so our youngest artists can enjoy the artwork on display. To photograph your artwork, we suggest you read through this blog post from assistant curator Jen Vos on how to take a good picture on your cell phone. We recommend photographing it on a plain background (up against a blank wall, for example) so the artwork is the only object in the frame. Take a picture of your finished piece and send it, along with the information below, to exhibits curator Kate Crosby ( She will contact you to let you know whether or not your piece will be displayed and to confirm information about the artwork in question. 

Artists under age 18 will need their parent/legal guardian’s permission to submit and display artwork, and their last name will not be displayed on the website. Please either copy and paste the information into an email or download the PDF below and send to Kate Crosby at


Artist name: 




Parent/Guardian name if under 18: 




Email address:


Artwork title:



Suggested artwork tags (Tags are keywords to help people find the artwork they’re interested in. For example, if you paint a scene with a boat using acrylic paint on paper, some helpful tags would include “boat” “acrylic” “water” etc.): 


Permission to display artwork on the Tri-Cities Historical Museum website: yes/no


Permission to display artwork on Tri-Cities Historical Museum social media accounts: yes/no


An electronic signature of the artist or parent/legal guardian (type name and date):

Gallery You Submission Form